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Shoonya’16 – Maths Dept fest held at Daulat Ram College

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On 17th February, the Maths department, Affine, of Daulat Ram College put together its annual fest called SHOONYA’16. The day started off with the much awaited inauguration of the third edition of the department’s annual newsletter called “MathPunch”. The college’s Principal Dr.Savita Roy graced this event and encouraged the students for their future endeavours. Throughout the day, various competitions were lined up by the department.

Tattoo-making was an event where teams of two were allowed to participate. One of the team members had to design a tattoo on the other team member’s hand using mathematical symbols, terms or figures.   The winning team had participants, Nishtha and Lata from Daulat Ram College, Economics (H).

In the event Pictionary, a total of 39 teams participated and 6 teams made it to the finals. The team consisting Arnav Vats and Saksham Garg stood first, from Hindu college. And, Aakriti and Rajneet from Daulat Ram College stood second.

Tambola saw a participation of approximately 50 teams. The department improvised the game and announced a corresponding mathematical problem in place of the number. The participants had to solve the problem within 40 seconds and strike the number off their ticket. There were four prizes which were bagged by Pragati from Daulat Ram for a Full house, Purva and Bharti Sharma from Daulat Ram College for a First Row, Anisha and Mohit from St. Stephen’s for Second row and Ashna Singh from Daulat Ram College for Third row.

Treasure Hunt was another popular event and saw students enthusiastically running all around the campus. The team consisting Riya, Shivani, Shalu from Daulat Ram College came first and won a cash prize of Rs.3000.

There were various stalls where students tried their luck at games like Lucky 7, Hollywood TV Mania, Flip the Coin and made the day memorable for themselves.

“When the fest got over, I just got the feeling that all the hard work has finally paid off. SHOONYA’16 has made us all happy and proud. Thanks to the people who’ve contributed in making it a success and to those who had trust in us! Hail Affine!” said Shreya Arora, the President of the Maths Department, Daulat Ram College.

[email protected] A IInd year English(H) student from Daulat Ram College, whose idea of a perfect day is seeing herself coiled up in bed with an interesting book and strong coffee. A huge believer in binge-watching, she is currently following a plethora of series ranging from How to Get Away With Murder to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She can be found in the amphitheater of the college, sharing her love for debating with fellow members of the society. Known for her great sense of humor, she works everyday to overcome the only fear she has, the fear of remaining mediocre.

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