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Battle of Bands and DJ night draw crowds on Day 1 of Tempest 2016

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Miranda House’s annual cultural festival Tempest 2016 kicked off on 18th February, 2016. Themed ‘Rainbow in Flight’, Day 1 saw several music and quiz based events as well as an art exhibition by the Fine Arts society of the college.

The day started off damp and dull after a brief spell of rain but it refused to dampen the spirits of the organizing committee as the college was adorned with colourful streamers and other eye-catching decorations. Mridang, the Indian Music society of Miranda House, organised two instrumental competitions. The Indian classical solo competition was judged by Mrs. Dipti Mishra, an instrumental music teacher, and Mr. Ranjan Biswas, an artist of All India Radio and a staff artist of Delhi University.  After a morning of ear-pleasing, classical instrumental music, Ashutosh from Hindu College was declared the winner, followed by Shivangi Barman from Daulat Ram College and M. Rudresh from Sri Venkateswara College respectively for the second and third positions. The second event, which was the Semi-classical solo competition, was judged by Abhipsa Deb, a vocal music instructor, and Mr. Sunil Kumar,a  faculty member of Department of Music and Fine Arts, and saw Saptak Chatterjee from Hansraj College taking the first position. The second position was tied between Namrata Natrajan from Hindu College, and Rambhajan Bedi from Zakir Hussain College. Dhruv from IIIT-D stood third.

Hindu College Collective, Winner of Battle of Bands


Perhaps the highlight of the day was the Battle of the Bands, the first event of Euphony, organised by Orpheus, the Western Music society of Miranda House. With 8 bands from colleges across Delhi University and others performing covers and their personal compositions, the event drew the most crowd and saw the audience swaying and cheering on the performers. Worshom Muivah, a member of the band Minutes of Decay, and Awarthanga Chiru, who plays for Blending Chords, judged the event. Hindu College Collective, who went on to win the first position, wooed the crowd with their blues-inspired composition Black Sheep. The second position was awarded to Playtime, from Hansraj College and the third to Musoc, from Kirorimal College.

The Foreign Students Society also hosted an event, Mosaic, which gave foreign students studying in Delhi a platform to perform and express. Chanda, a student from Zamibia currently studying at Hindu College , was declared the winner for her poem on Africa.

The day was brought to a close with an EDM set by DJs Raghav and Kunal, who enthralled the crowd by playing around with popular tracks like Seven Nation Army and Hey Mama.

Shubham Kaushik, Tooba Towfiq and Shreya Srivastava

Image Credits: Jasmine Chahal and Gerush Bahal for DU Beat

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