Bazinga: Delhi Government Announces Odd-Even Scheme For Fests

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The Aam Aadmi Party led by CM Arvind Kejriwal today announced the rolling out of odd-even scheme in DU fests.

According to the notice issued by CM’s office, boys and girls will be allowed to attend the fests in DU colleges on odd and even days respectively. The recent cases of mismanagement in fests and the risk of stampedes have forced the party to take such a decision. In an interview with one of our sources the person said, “This is the first phase of rolling out the odd even scheme for boys girls, we will take further decisions on the second phase, which is likely to be related to regular college days, after the results of the first phase.” Breaking the rule would invite a fine of Rs.2000 like always.

Famous leaders like Alka Lamba, Dr. Kumar Vishwas have welcomed this move. Although we are awaiting reactions from the opposition parties, but the issue is already attaining national media attention and trending on Twitter mainly because the move has also come under fire from the Delhi Commission for Women.

In spite of all allegations, the party has decided to proceed with the scheme, with the first phase starting from 20th of February, lasting for 20 days. Our advisory team, taking key notes from the notification days, sympathises with boys and girls alike. Brace yourselves as we expect to witness an entirely different fest season this year!

Disclaimer: At Bazinga, we’re only joking! Have a happy fest season

Animesh Agarwal
[email protected]

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