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8 Months On: Still No Relief For Victims Of Mass Failure

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The 6th semester results of 2015 failed students of sociology across DU colleges with a shocking 95% failure rate in Shivaji College and more than 85% in others such as Keshav Mahavidyala and Lakshmi Bai College. Newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express reported about the mass failure of more than 400 final-year students of Delhi University in an interdisciplinary paper, Sociology.

Students protested outside the office of the Dean, Students Welfare in June 2015 where Malay Neerav, the Joint Dean of the Student’s Welfare and Media Co-ordinator of Delhi University, assured the students that the results would be re-evaluated on the priority basis within a week. However, the University rolled out the revised results only after two weeks from the Dean’s declaration on 30th June and passed only 6 more students from Shivaji College’s batch. The media wasn’t following the case any longer and the university formally ended the case with this re-evaluation

8 months later the issue has again come in light when a student, Apaar Sharma of English Honors from Shivaji College posted an ‘Open letter to the family and friends  of sociology professors of Delhi Univeristy who failed us last year ’ on Facebook.  Apaar has filed a petition in The Delhi High Court against the university which, if not resolved will jeopardize his current degree in Journalism. Due to this erroneous result, students could not even apply to the colleges of their choices or write entrance examinations and the ones who did had to withdraw their admissions on account of not producing the revised ‘passed’ result. Frustrated and tired of this injustice and dysfunctional system, Apaar writes, “My dad calls me every night and in the last eight months, he hasn’t talked about anything much except the case – how he has filed another RTI, what did the University reply to his last RTI, how my lawyer is arguing well in the court, when is the next date of hearing of my case and so on.”

Pursuing the case has consumed students and left them disturbed and bitter, “I haven’t written any poetry or a piece of fiction since I came to Chennai. In December last year, I was back in Delhi for my holidays and was meeting my friends in a cafe, we were talking about college and suddenly we were reminded of the bitter ending. All our reunions and celebrations are marred by disappointment now” wrote Apaar on his post. Emails had been sent to the Vice Chancellor, the Chief Justice of India and the Prime Minister to take cognizance of this grave injustice but no response has been received yet.

There is no rationality or at least none given on account of failing so many students in one specific paper when they seemed to have done well in the rest. The university is accountable and responsible for the marks they give and its implications over our careers and future. It’s completely discouraging and unacceptable when you do not get the marks you deserve and worked hard for.

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