SGGSCC Organises the 3rd International Conference On Booming Service Sector

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Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce’s (SGGSCC) Conference Committee organised the 3rd International Conference on Booming Service Sector from achievements to growth prospects on 4 & 5 February, 2016. It was inaugurated by Dr. Kawal Gill, Convenor of the Conference, who emphasized on the relevance of the service sector in the growing Indian economy.

The Principal of the college, Dr. J.B. Singh, delivering the welcome address, said that India follows a unique model of growth so far as the service sector is concerned. Every year lakhs of people are uprooted from agriculture and allied areas. But, the issue is whether the growing services sector can provide ample employment for them. In his view, along with Information and Technology; Health, Education and Tourism are also areas of the service sector which need reform.

The Chief Guest of the day, Professor Tarun Das, Registrar, University of Delhi, pointed out that in today’s digital, borderless world, each nation has to take care of its tangible and intangible assets. Thus, culture and intellectual property rights should be protected and education policies should be formulated in a methodical manner encouraging research and innovation in the field of higher education.

Mr. Gaurav Choudhury, Economic Editor, Hindustan Times said that in our appreciation of the organized service sector, we are probably overlooking the unorganized services sector, neglecting informal services such as the carpenters or the electricians level of public services line Health and Education.

In the keynote address, Dr. Rajesh Chadha, Senior Research Counselor, National Convener of Applied Economic Research said that the service sector in India is no doubt booming but the manufacturing sector is really the key to growth. He underscored the importance of Sectorial Employment Elasticities, FDI equity in the services sector and Net Export of Services.

He received support from Professor Inder Mohan Kapahy, Member, University Grants Commission, sanctioned against over celebrating the service sector even though it is a booming one. In his views it should be balanced by growth in Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors.

The last speaker of the session, Mr. Mehraj Dube, Vice President, New Initiative, The Statesman, focused on the changing scenario revolutionized by digital technology in the areas of business, media and even education. Other people present for the session included Mr. H.S. Jolly and Mr. Seble. Technical Sessions that were chaired by eminent dignitaries, where more than 50 teachers from across the University presented research papers on several topics, followed the Inauguration and brought an end to a very successful conference.

Provided by The Conference Committee of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce (SGGSCC) 

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