Bazinga: Kejriwal orders all DU Colleges to have muffler stall at their fests

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Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost believable fake news!

With the fest season around the corner, and Delhi Government being in the mood to experiment with new policies and attention grabbing tactics, Kejriwal has now come up with a rather amusing order. The Delhi CM has ordered DU colleges to have a compulsory muffler stall at their respective annual fests!

The organising committee members of various colleges, who are on their toes over their annual fest preparations, have to meet a new request by the CM, of setting up muffler stalls at their respective fests. Insiders have shared with us that following the odd-even policy, Kejriwal is planning to derive the young voter’s opinion on the policy. He is planning to do that by asking them to buy mufflers to show support to the odd-even policy and its continuation.

According to sources, Kejriwal has launched a massive Main Muffler Wala Kejriwal’ campaign among colleges so as to launch a survey among students about AAP policies in general and the Odd-Even rule in particular. As a part of the campaign, most of the well-known DU Colleges would set up an ‘AAP ka Muffler’ stall where students who support the odd-even ruling take the muffler and register themselves with the volunteers.

On being quizzed by us, one of the union members of a renowned DU college, on condition of anonymity told us, “We’ve been told to incorporate this ‘special stall’ at our fest, else we have been indirectly cautioned of consequences of not following this order. We already had sponsor hurdles and other tasks to take care of, and now this is diverting our minds.”

An inside source, while talking to us divulged that, “This is a constructive move towards a survey among students so we thought why not take advantage of the fest season and the popularity of Kejriwal jis muffler, so we developed this campaign with a lot of thought and analysis. We hope that students become a part of it enthusiastically.”

So what are you waiting for? Find your AAP ka muffler’ soon at a fest near you!

Riya Chhiber

[email protected]

Graphic by Suhasini Sharma for DU Beat

Psst! Bazinga is our column of fake news!

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