Enactus Project Updates and Upgrades: 2016

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Enactus Projects are some things which, as a magazine, we enjoy covering religiously. The thrill of discovering new ideas and the competitiveness between colleges is a really positive message that every enactus team sends out while they carry out their activities throughout the year. Given the latest surge in the demand for start-ups, social entrepreneurship (especially, enactus projects) are poised to contribute a huge amount in creating jobs. Here are 2 teams from across the university who have upgraded their projects by introducing a new community or a new idea –

1.) Enactus Motilal Nehru College – Enactus Motilal Nehru College has been recognized as the only college in India working for animal welfare. It promotes the adoption of stray dogs and the reduction of rabies in the country via Project Parivartan, their maiden project. Recently it has employed women from an urban village (Sanjay Gandhi Centre, Chanakyapuri) near Jesus and Mary College for producing handmade dog collars and dog food.  Disha Garg (President) stated “While the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated, the development of the nation would be judged by the way its women are treated”, when asked about why they chose the mentioned communities.

Enactus Project Parivartan
Enactus Project Parivartan

2.) Enactus Cluster Innovation Centre – Enactus Cluster Innovation Centre plan to start an e-commerce website  that sells handicrafts and other products made exclusively by the differently-abled community. They are currently in contact with more than 10 NGO’s in Delhi who cater to the needs of differently-abled community, who can make products taught by the respective NGO but are unable to market them. Only seasonal markets come to the aid of these products. However, with Project IBTIDA, Enactus Cluster Innovation Centre aims to enlist all products provided by the NGO’s throughout the year. They also aim to provide a warehouse where these products can be stored for retail sales. Kirti Krishan (Core Team Member) said,” We have started a Bitgiving campaign and are very close to attaining the sufficient funding to go ahead with our project. We have also been fortunate to receive a notion of positivity from a few investors and a big NGO” when asked about how far they were from achieving their goal.

Enactus Project IBTIDA
Enactus Project IBTIDA

Enactus teams are coming up with really innovative ideas, and with a new start up zeal in the country, employment will surely rise up, especially for the disadvantaged community by the grace of these teams.

Image Credits: amazonaws.com and Enactus Motilal Nehru College

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