First TEDx session at Hansraj a great success

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Keeping up with the spirit of spreading ideas by means of enigmatic speakers, TEDx Hansraj College tasted success with its first ever TEDx session on 16th January, 2016. Hosted by Education Tree founder Kunal Arora and the event curator, Puneet Singh Bhela, many notable speakers put in their best foot forward to engage the audience with their talk. Many inspiring figures including the likes of Richard Rekhy (CEO of KPMG India), Anuranjita Kumar (Chief Human Resources Officer of Citi Bank South Asia) among others shared their experiences with the young minds. 

While Sumant Sinha, the CEO of ReNew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd., explained to the audience why he thinks renewable energy has the enormous potential to give our energy production the push it desperately needs, Richard Rekhy, CEO of KPMG India, enlightened the audience by urging everyone to follow their passion and staying true to it. As he narrated an incident of his meeting with a physically disabled achiever and how she made him realise if a person is determined on his mission, he certainly struck the emotional chord of the audience. 

Chief Human Resources Officer of CitiBank South Asia, Anuranjita Kumar, shared her life’s important details and her journey from being a medical student to choosing Psychology for graduation and moving on to becoming the most powerful HR professional in India in 2012. Her stint with fighting a major disease only to come back to the two things she loved the most: her family and her work, just added to her extravagant amount of experience that inspired many. Other notable speakers at the event included Louisa Tomlinson, Deeba Rajpal, Gaurav Gupta and magician Raj Kumar. 

Some participants of the HansRaj music society including- Rahul Jain, Suvir Chandana and Kartik Balan performed an interesting composition that they had concocted. 

While, at the end of the session, Poonam Bagai, founder of CanKids KidsCan explained the struggles people with cancer go through and the hardships they face, Navin Piplani shared the importance of perspective on the other hand. 

All in all, the stories of the speakers inspired some people on one hand and also left an indelible imprint on the minds of others.

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