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The Second semester and How it Flies

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“The Bird of Time has but a little way To fly — and Lo! the Bird is on the Wing”, said the Persian Philosopher Omar Khayam.
If you are in the second semester, this quote will make sense to you very soon. Second semesters fly! and are a dramatisation of your absurdist nightmares. Life is fast pace, so is this semester.
Winter semesters are undoubtedly more exciting than the summer ones. Here is a list of some of your future actions, with their future implications predicted:

1) The Coming Backs:

You are just back from your vacations. The new vacations had new friends to miss. When you get back to college, you get too busy meeting them and trying to love them more.  Because yes, you are not just in college now, you are into it.

2) The Department Fests:

One of the most entertaining yet tiring work is preparing for the department fest. You put your creative skills to work. Your department patriotism is in action and you are just too fueled up to put your energies into it and become oblivious towards academics.

3) The Fests:

After having read the list of the best fests of DU, you are now looking forward to them. February literally flies like butterflies with crossroads, Mecca, Tempest and the like. You are too awestruck having now seen celebrities performing in your neighbourhood. It is a war; how many will you be able to attend?
You don’t have to lose! There is no missing out.

4) Antardhwani ( The Delhi University Festival) 

North Campus students generally doze off because they get a day off from college for Antardhwani. South campus peeps usually attend it because they get to feel the ‘northern vibe’.

So days and nights pass while you are exploring. You are too involved in exploring the newness that you forget the reality.
The real hits you when the all pervasive internal exams and assignments burst your ephemeral bubble. The month of March is a struggle. You fight with the humongous syllabus which had become obscure in your exploration. While you tackle with the assessment, you are left with no time for self studies or any studies at all.
When you are recovering yourself from the swoon, the date is the day, ” ten days before the exams”.
If the winter semester is a wizard, swish and flick:

” Knock, knock!”;
” Whose there? “;
” May”,
” May who?”,
” Exam, May I?”

Image Credits: memegenerator.net

Tooba Towfiq
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[email protected] ; A workaholic, she speaks and works towards an honest world with no masks. She can theorize a peanut butter in the most startling of ways. Rain is her stimulant for all creative beats. Passionate like Bertha Mason, work OCD is synonymous to her. Loving all, thinking, anchoring, writing and eating are her favorite pass times. You can find her hanging out alone at Basketball Courts, Metro Stations and Bus Stops.

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