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Ratyaditya: Collaborating for the love of Art

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“An artist can’t be bound by constraints. One has to be completely free and have no boundaries to explore the artist that lies within” – Aditya Verma

Aditya Verma is a 21-year-old painter, photographer and writer. His art forum –“Ratyaditya” believes in no boundaries and promotes fluidity within the organization. In the modern world, where it takes a humungous amount of money to hire a modelling agency, a helping artist or a photographer, Ratyaditya believes in the simple philosophy of ‘collaboration’.  In the same way as a building, built by a 100 workers instead of one, is not only built faster, but has more integrity to its structure, Ratyaditya believes in transcendence in art, achievement and creation of something truly spectacular, happens when we work together.



The collaborating part might rise a question that, whether the artist’s identity is untouched, when he/she collaborates with Ratyaditya; but the owner is a high believer in giving the individual respect that an artist deserves. Any artist, from a fashion designer to a painter to a photographer to a theatre person is welcome at the studio.


Any artist can contact the studio as ‘experience is not a hindrance’ to get support from the forum. The art studio believes in equality and boasts of having a 17-year-old collaborator on board. Verma also believes that, no one should hesitate in approaching the studio, but definitely the studio does have its discretion on accepting the proposal or not.


Aditya, the owner of the studio, has planned a scholarship for artists through which he plans to support the undiscovered artists and give them a platform to showcase their work. He even plans to crack the India art fair by next year. He is very clear that, the studio is not currently looking for corporate funding.  As he believes that art can’t have restrictions and reiterates the philosophy of having no margins.

PhotoGrid_1451294886198The newly opened store has already caught the attention of art critiques and has received applauses by many. Aditya plans to do a showcasing in the month of April 2016. You can find Ratyaditya on Facebook and Tumblr.

Image courtesy: Aditya Verma 

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