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Believe in Myself: An LSR project to foster healthy self esteem among females

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With numerous projects submitted to the varsity in this year’s edition of the Innovation Project Scheme and over 300 of these making the final cut, each project reflects the dedication and commitment of the team behind it. Lady Shri Ram College For Women submitted their project entitled “Believe in myself: Fostering Healthy Self Esteem in Female Adolescents under the mentorship of Dr. Nandita Babu .”

The project aims at creating practices by which, schools can encourage students to develop the ability to approach their life goals with a sense of self-confidence, and the perseverance that comes from self-belief. It is a collaborative project based in the departments of Education and Psychology at LSR, which attempts to bring together psychological insights as well as those gained from the actual transactions that occur in classrooms and shape the psyche of the student. With principal investigators including Dr.Priti Dhawan, Dr. Kanika Ahuja, Dr.Kalyani A, Dr. Megha Dhillon, and Ms. Deepika Papneja, the project aims at enhancing the self-esteem among young females. 

The team has already completed their first two phases where they went to four different Co-Ed schools, and identified female adolescents with low and high self-esteem scores on the Rosenberg self-esteem scale. Their next step was the conduction of semi-structured interviews with them so as to recognise the factors that affected their particular self-esteem scores. “We now aim to proceed to teacher’s interviews which will help them to gain an insight into their pedagogical styles that may have an impact on the self-esteems of the students,” said Shazia Naqvi, one of the student members of the project. Thereafter, they will use the information elicited through the interviews, to design their workshops that will be conducted in all four schools. The last phase of the project will include follow-ups for four weeks with the female participants so as to assess its long-term impact.

The student members in the project include: Aditi Suryavanshi, Anjana Dahiya, Charul Katiyar, Himanshi Piplani, Kriti Singh, Rose Paulina Bara, Sana Jamal, Shazia Naqvi, Tushali Paliwal, Vaidehi Mishra

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