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A letter to all final year students from a final year student

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Dear fellow final year student,

What are you feeling right now? What thoughts cloud the otherwise agile mind of yours?
Let me guess. You’re either waiting for the results of an entrance test you took last month or are preparing for one that’s scheduled later next month.
Some have bagged a placement already and some are contemplating a change in stream. Commerce students might be deciding to take up a career in painting. Literature students might be preparing for a job in marketing. Entrepreneurial ventures await yet others. Some are going through the laborious process of applying abroad for further studies. (My heartiest wishes to you, the entire process leaves you weary)

Irrespective of where we are headed, one fact binds us all: we are just trying to gather enough courage to get through these trying times, strewn with choices and decisions and their repercussions. Overthinking has become the order of the day, and there is no respite from the incessant nagging doubts about the future. Where would we be 6 months from now. Would we be just as confused a year down the line? We don’t want to hear a yes to that because well, we would not want to live through it again. But let’s not let the thought of having to live through it again prevent us from living through it the first time.

We are doing everything we can to land up in a good place- whether it is an institute of higher education, workplace or professional studies.

But let us not forget- this also marks the beginning of the last semester of undergrad college. Let us promise ourselves to make every moment count. Let us make a bucket list. Explore the city, go on an outstation trip. But most of all, let’s be spontaneous. Let us not be intimidated by the possibilities and uncertainties.

We all realise by now that we have made some great friends, and after 6 months, no one knows where we’ll end up, whether or not we’d meet again, so cherish this, for this is the time of our lives.

Lets make the most of the last days of undergrad studies?

Wishing the best for all of us,

Your batch-mate.

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Kritika Narula

[email protected]

With a ginormous appetite for books, she is the kind of person who experiences Book Hangovers way too often. An unabashed fangirl, unbeatable optimist, movie-buff, art-lover, are some of the phrases that define her. In some alternate universe, she feeds on Mac and cheese every living moment. She actually fell in love at first sight: with big words. She can be found sipping coffee in the lawns of IP College, contemplating some quote she read somewhere, when not attending her commerce lectures. Drop her a mail at [email protected]. She’d prefer a tweet @kritika_n_books, though.

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