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How overrated is New Year?

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New year is here. This annual last call on the year is an over-hyped, played out, and absurdly expensive formality disguised as a good time. It’ll likely end in tears, a shattered iPhone screen, and a haymaker to the face, yet still millions celebrate New Year as a new beginning. The highly overrated festivity has enough reasons to become quieter. Here are a few:

  1. It’s a costly celebration at a time, burning a hole in your pockets:
    With more champagne bubbles coursing through your veins than white blood cells, you’ll likely bottom out your checking account. That kind of YOLO notions can have serious consequences, particularly when it’s done the night before your rent is due.

2.     You’re setting yourself up for disappointment:
Scientific studies reveal when you make plans for a night and set standards for it, it doesn’t turn out how you                want it to and you end up dissatisfied for no reason. You expect things to happen that realistically will not.                    Bottom line, nights are better off unplanned. Rule of thumb: Set the standard low, chances are your night will              exceed your expectations.

3.     It’s just a 10-second countdown:
No holiday requires as much planning and hoopla as New Year’s Eve, but it’s all for a 10 second countdown and           a stupid ball drop. For other holidays, you get presents, a feast, or tons of sweets and candy. But, New Year’s Eve         is just a costly, sloppy mishmash of d-bags and vomit-soaked toilet seats.

New Year is highly overrated with the resolutions and promises. But does one have it hype so much? Food for thought? But hey, Happy New Year 2016.


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Ishita Sharma
[email protected]

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