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Away from the cliche of ‘New Year Bash’

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We all know about the typical New Year’s eve drill – the clock strikes 12, everyone celebrates in their respective time-zones and blaring cheers from various parties are heard across. New Year indicates a fresh start, clean slate and a new beginning; but a lot of clichés still revolve around the idea of how one must celebrate their New Year. One might say that going out for a party on New Year’s Eve is the ultimate thing to do because of the celebrations going on around everywhere.

Yes, a lot of us would rather go out and enjoy the festivities. However, many would rather enjoy the night in their own way, without relying on that one planned night of high expectations with parties never turning out the way they thought it would. After all, there is no law which states that one must party on a New Year’s Eve night. Here, after hearing the opinions of many we have 3 reasons why you’d rather do something different from the cliché New Year’s Eve midnight party.

  1. The Picture perfect party – It’s that one time of the year when our expectations bump up leading up to the anticlimactic 12am. The struggle with finding the perfect party and outfit just doesn’t worth it a few minutes after midnight. You feel just same after a few minutes. It is definitely worth it for anyone who’s a party lover; but for those who look forward to this one party of the year, it might not be worth the wait. Or the cold.
    Swap it for: Just about anything you love to do. Really. It’s that one time of the year when everyone tends to take a pause for a few hours before the clock strikes twelve. Use that break to enjoy the company of your friends or family, eat a nice meal, watch a movie, write something or just be with yourself and have fun.
  2. Attempts to reach the venue and back home– Or spend the night wherever you are if it’s a house party, because trying to reach home on New Year is just as quick as the buffering speed when you’re trying to view a YouTube video with 2G on your phone. The traffic is intense enough that you might as well celebrate on your way. If you’re not the kind of patient person to deal with the hassle of safely reaching anywhere on New Year’s eve, then perhaps reaching way before time or changing plans would your best companion.
    Swap it for: Walking it out to nearby places. If you happen to live close to any New Year events going on, it’s always a better option to hang out with your closest friends over there. Your home is of course a more convenient option.
  3. The crowd when the clock strikes 12 – Unless you’re a fan of happening parties and social events, navigating your way through the crowd after 12am is not recommended for everyone. There are a lot of drunk-driving cases which are reported. Though, this is not as extreme. If anything, the level of excitement which buzzes around once the clock strikes 12 is actually something one should ideally witness. But if you’d rather spend it at home or elsewhere with the people closest to you…
    Swap it for: Simply observing it all. From a distance. You need not literally be at the centre of the buzz to enjoy it. Or if staying up tillmidnight isn’t your thing, there are no rules that you can’t simply sleep off early. After all, the clock strikes 12 at different time zones across the world.

Let go of old baggage of regrets and bad habits, try changing for a better version of you for this year, and hope for better times to come as we move on to a more exciting and eventful New Year.

Happy New Year from DU Beat team!


Shaina Ahluwalia
[email protected]

[email protected] ; A keen learner, foodie and a bibliophile, she's presently pursuing Journalism honours and is a part of the Placement Cell Union of Lady Shri Ram College for Woman. Deeply inclined towards Performing arts and community service, she hopes to give back the most to these fields. Typically ambitious, she hopes to travel around the world with a journal and a soulful playlist someday.

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