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‘Kya Family Hai’: A Thespian Theatre Company production

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Have you ever thought, how would your family react if you died and have lots of property to bifurcate among self- proclaimed ‘soon to be second -hand’ rich people? Well, to spark the Christmas excitement on the same note, Thespian Theatre Company performed their production called ‘Kya Family Hai! at Shri Ram Centre on 25th December.

A comical satire, the play depicted the internal relationships of a family – husband with wife, brother with sister, father with children. However, when the father dies, the children make a beeline for his property, their greed for money making them completely insensitive to his dying wishes. It is a satire on the fading morality of society, on how we have become so self-centred that we trample on the wishes of our own loved ones.


The role of the father, played by the tycoon of comedy- Asrani, the ‘Angrezon Ke Zamane Ka Jailor’, realizes that he has only 2 hours to live and decides to frame his will. After he dies, his soul stays behind, only to see his children fight over his property which takes place in a very comical way. Performed under the remarkable direction of Raj Upadhyay, each scene was well crafted. Despite being a bit too long, the humour element of the play kept the audience engaged. 

Replete with excellent timing and dialogue delivery by artists including Nadeem Khan, Nargis Nandan, Pranav Sachdeva, Ashok Dhawan, Aarti Sharda Nayar, Vaidehi Sharma, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the play as was evident from the cries of laughter time to time!


Thespian Theatre Company, that was started by two graduates of Hans Raj College – Ishan Soni and Pranav Sachdeva with the aim to change the face of Delhi theatre, strives to promote theatre as an art form and inculcate it in daily life by means of their productions. 

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