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Should Donald Trump be taken seriously or not?

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As the year draws to an end people begin to reflect upon the numerous events that took place around the globe in 2015. The Nepal Earthquake in April, the legalization of same sex-marriage in the US, the rise of the Islamic State and the exacerbation of the Syrian Refugee crisis are just some of the many events that gave rise to liberal thinking and humanitarianism among individuals across the world, and then came along an individual named Donald Trump.

Most people remember Trump as the intimidating billionaire on the hit US reality show entitled “The Apprentice” but today he is a US presidential candidate running one of the most bizarre political campaigns of our time. Whereas nearly half the world regards Trump as a joke that is likely to fade out over the next couple of months, one should not be too quick to dismiss him because the sad truth is that there are indeed a section of Americans who believe in Trump and the ideology he sells.

Donald Trump represents a portion of Americans who are fed up with the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. One of the most successful businessmen in the world, Trump knows his audience and exactly what they want and he is the only Republican candidate who has been able to tap into the populist anger at Washington and the widespread xenophobia prevalent among the American people. Add this to the fact that Trump believes in American exceptionalism, is committed towards education, has the business acumen to help the US overcome the trillions of dollars of debt that it finds itself in and has a strong (some would say twisted) standpoint on immigration, is exactly why he has had a substantial lead in the polls for the Republican nomination for the last five months.

It is probably still too early to say what exactly will happen in 2016 but even if somehow Trump manages to win the Republican nomination, the chances of him actually becoming President of the United States are slim. Polls have long shown Hillary Clinton edging out all the Republican nominees including Trump and moreover his latest eruption demanding that Muslims be banned from entering the United States was so horrifying that many Republicans now are openly contemplating a vote for Ms. Clinton stating that Trump scares or concerns them (as he rightly should).

Trump may be giving us a good laugh at the moment, sitting on the other side of the world, but it is important to keep an eye on just how the American elections progress, after all a mad billionaire ruling the most powerful country in the world will not be a particularly amusing scenario in the near future.

Featured Image Credits: www.bbc.co.uk

Shraman Ghosh
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[email protected] ; Shraman graduated from Modern School Barakhamba Road and is currently pursuing Economics Honours at Hindu College. In addition to writing, Shraman loves reading books and constantly tries to make himself better aware of the world around him. His pastimes include community service and theatre which he actively pursues in college. He hopes to complete his undergrad and do masters in Economics or Finance so that he can try and contribute to our country's economic development and growth. He loves travelling and is a massive foodie as well.

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