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Best Picnic Spots Around Delhi

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It’s that time of the year again when you sit at home with nothing to do! So then, why not pack your bags? No, not for college but a weekend trip with your friends to one of the few incredible picnic spots around Delhi. Have a difficult time choosing? We have prepared a list for you to select among one of the finest picnic spots around Delhi. Take a look:


  • Manesar: Located right on the periphery of New Delhi, Manesar’s Heritage Village Resort and Spa is a place to try if you really look forward to a luxurious weekend with your friends. You can also come close to nature by visiting the Sultanpur bird sanctuary, a yearly destination for migratory birds located in Manesar only.
    Distance from Delhi: 45 km
  • Sariska: Located close to the infamous Bhangarh palace, Sariska is the place to be if you are a nature and wildlife lover. Inhabited by some rare species, luck can bring you close to seeing tigers here in their natural surroundings. Lake Siliserh located in Sariska is a beautiful retreat for the eyes.
    Distance from Delhi: 167 km
  • Damdama Lake: Located in Gurgaon, this natural reservoir serves as an amazing spot to see the beauty of nature. The backdrop highlights the majestic Aravalli hills. Boating and bird watching are the activities you can pursue here.
    Distance from Delhi: 50 km
    Damdama Lake
  • Nuh: This place is especially for the history buffs. Nuh is located in the mewat district of Haryana and is an abode to several historical monuments. The chui mui pond, the town of sheikh Musa are a few among the several medieval monuments you can visit here.
    Distance from Delhi: 72 km


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