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7 Ways College Life Has Changed Drastically

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Students may come, students may go. But the university goes on forever. Over the period of time, the university has seen some of the most significant changes in the trends, infrastructure, technology and obviously students.

  • The modern student life is divided between study and part-time employment (internships). Increasing importance of co-curricular in universities has instrumentalized the whole study process and made the students distant from the institution itself.
  • Research projects used to be tiresome task of sitting all day in college library with piles of books in front of you. Now? College Wi-Fi plus Wikipedia. Work done.
  • Students have become so captivated by social media that they hangout less with friends. Back in time, college friends used to actually meet and hang out to keep touch. Now, they end up dropping a text or face-timing.
  • Earlier students used to doodle in the margin and desks while daydreaming as the lecture went on and on and on, and now? We goof off on stalking someone on instagram and clicking selfies.
  • Students have now become less emotionally stable and more stressed. There’s a notion that, the better the grades are, the better chance they have at finding a job. Although, wasn’t I assured that life would be easy after 12th board examinations?
  • We know that now college is a time where we see initiation of smoking and drinking habits in students. Social pressure in a totally new college environment is likely what leads most college students to it. Also negative peer pressure, wanting them to “fit in”, makes them do stuff.
  • Annual system used to cover more syllabus at a stretch and compel the students to remember all of it till the end of the year. Now with Semester system, academic schedule is very tight. Teachers are often in a hurry to complete the syllabus.

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Tamanna Goel

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