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Sex Amma: Can exams get in the way of intimacy?

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Q. Dear Amma I have been seeing this guy for a few months now, but due to exams our dates have reduced. I am afraid that due to spending less time together he might end up losing interest in me. How can I prevent that?

A. Aiyyo my troubled idli! Do not let your inner insecurity lead you astray.

Foremost, there is no guarantee that you might suffer a dry phase in your relationship due to exams and reduced date time. So little idli shun away your inhibitions and let technology come to your rescue. Sexting can keep the fire burning even if you can’t meet that often. Secondly, with exams just a fortnight away it is imperative for you to focus on completing your syllabus and urge him to do the same or atleast reach an understanding that this is just a phase and will last for a few weeks!

The trick is to strike a balance, without letting your focus slip you can manage to maintain a healthy relationship. But it is also important for you to understand this little idli; exams do require a little sacrifice and that it never goes in vain. Do not fret, reduced dates will not harm your relationship especially due to exams, Amma suggests you pull out the big guns and go all in for your exam prep because the time nigh!

Amma wishes all her hardworking macchis best of luck for exams!

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