Techy Study: Top 4 Mobile Apps to use during Exams

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Time and again, we’ve seen technology coming to our rescue. The main attractions of today’s technological world are the mobile applications, popularly known as apps. Those little blessings have turned our smart-phones into a newspaper, an alarm clock which is too stubborn to let you sleep, a novel, a torch-light and what not! You might be wondering about the reason behind the sudden appraisal of this part of technology. Well, it is exam-time and we all are stressed, but do not worry. We’ve brought to you the best mobile apps which can help you while you prepare for your exams and prove to be efficient stress-busters:
1. ExamTime: It is that one app which lets you do everything possible to enhance your productivity. This app gives you an option to embed everything from notes to videos to slides at one place. Having everything at one place seems like a reasonable idea when you don’t want to be looking for you notes on the shelf while you have an exam the next day. The app also lets you schedule and plan your studies. Feed in what you want to do, when you want to do and for how long you want to do it and just follow your own schedule to complete everything in time. The best feature of the app is sharing and collaborating. You can share information with your friends, or even publish it onto your blog.

2. Oxford Dictionary: Well, gone are the days when “handy dictionaries” were seen as a trend. Now as most of the times our hands are occupied by our phones, we need something to turn it into a dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary app gives you a wide range of almost 3,50,000 words with additional audio feature, so that you know how to correctly pronounce the particular word. While this app is usable at all times, it becomes super important when you have a language exam and you want to put down some appealing words to bag extra marks.

3. Babylon Translator: While many of us opt for an additional language course, not many of us take it seriously unless exams arrive. Imagine: you sit to study for the foreign language exam, you turn to first page and all you can see are weirdly shaped characters which have no meaning in the real life. Except that, they do. You’re unaware, because you were at the college canteen while the teacher was busy explaining the grammar. But don’t worry; this is the point where this app comes to your rescue. Babylon translator, as the name signifies translates the copied or inputted text into the language of your choice. The text can be converted into multiple languages including German, French and Spanish.

4. Alarmy (Sleep if U Can): Well, none of the planning and scheduling would take place if you are not able to wake up early in the morning. It is easy to study; it’s difficult to start, right? So taking care of that, we list that one app which successfully wakes you up in the morning so that you can work towards your aim. This alarm clock forces you to get out of your bed and click a picture of any object that you’ve previously submitted. This clock understands how difficult it is to sleep back again once you’re up and it makes perfect use of it.

Warning: Some people complained that the app did not match the picture that they clicked with the one they register and never turned off, which is clearly frustrating. So think twice before you install!?
All said and done, it is still very important to pick up your books and study if you really want to score well. Remember, these apps will just help you increase your productivity, but they’ll never be able to motivate you to study, if you’re not willing. Good luck!
Shaurya Sahai
[email protected]

Image credits: www.pcmag.com

Shaurya is a 2nd year B.Tech student from Hansraj College. She is an amateur photographer and also an aspiring poet.She is in love with sleeping and dreams about reading a lot of novels but never really ends up doing that!

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