The absolute ‘Cheating guide’ for passing this semester

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Two semesters at Delhi University taught me one thing straight-Smart work is more important than hard work. Cheating not only helps you in efficient time management but also assures a better grade in an environment where failure is not a learning process but simply a badge of shame. It obviously isn’t a very fair and moral way of passing your exams but if you do cheat, try to do it right. Here are some of the tips and tricks which will definitely bring heat in the cheat-

1. Don’t be complacent– Make sure you do study a little (even if by 10 years) with a minimum target of passing the exam. Don’t ever entirely depend on cheating. Also, make sure you have the following: pen, spare pens, admit card, and most importantly BRAIN.

2. Whisper the words of Wisdom:  It’s alright you don’t have the courage to carry chits in examinations. DU teachers are too old to care about what’s happening, a little whisper here and there never killed anybody.

3. Seven seas apart, yet in my arms.  Get a water bottle and gently remove its label, which is usually thick enough to write on. Note down all the important things on the back of the label and stick it back with glue. Some caution and you’re ready to cheat right through clear water.

point 3

4. Ma’am can I borrow his calculator?  This is one of the most efficient and risk free ways of communicating answers specially in a practical examination. Even if your invigilator does mind exchanging supplies, switch calc’s without her noticing, with answer entered.

point 4

5. Don’t give up-  If you see yourself falling down the rabbit hole, Swallow the evidence.

6. Sweater weather-  I love winters, this is what sleeves are for..

point 6

7. Technology with human touch-  Either you spend 10K buying books for all the time you’re in college or just buy a smart-watch.

point 7

8. Don’t rely completely on the hidden books in washroom-  After the second hour bell, I went in search of my friends to the washroom and accidently flushed down some hidden notes as I heard someone approaching. Those notes got me 75/75 in that subject but apparently never worked for the guy who planted them.

9. Kindness doesn’t always pays off-  A friend of mine was repeating her 1st year paper and was caught cheating from the notes she had made. She was sitting on the first bench and she wouldn’t have been caught if she hadn’t distributed the chits to everyone around her to help them too.

Tamanna Goel

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