Exam Essentials to ace this semester

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Now, that the exam season is on and we all are running to the Xerox shops for the notes; let’s not forget the stuff we would need on the D-days!! Yes, there would’ve been those painful exam days when you would have definitely forgotten that little eraser or sharpener, times when you would have opened your pencil box only to find that damn ruler to make that graph absent. And yeah, some of us had that day too when we did forget the most important thing, the ADMIT CARD!! So, here is the checklist for all of you to follow on the D-Day.

1. Admit Card and College Id-card 

I don’t think I need to emphasize much on the importance of the admit cards since, it’s one of the reasons why many us attend those painful lectures. But seriously guys, your exam day shouldn’t be the day to forget your admit card. And in case you do forget it then, you must have your college I-card. College I-Card would be your only saving grace because with no admit card you’ll have to run all over your college to get permission to sit in the exam. Trust me, your college’s Administration people and Principal would not be very kind to you if you wouldn’t even have that college I-Card. But, carry both the things to be on the safe side.

admit card
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2. Stationary

3-4 good pens: Either you bring your own pens or risk borrowing the pen which may/may not stop in the middle of exam or make your handwriting horrible. Use the pen which makes your handwriting more beautiful because the only thing that impresses the examiner other than the content of your answer is your handwriting.

The next thing should be sharpener, eraser, 2 pencils (already sharpened, you wouldn’t want to waste time sharpening those pencils), ruler and other geometrical stuff if you need it.

And yes, check your pencil box for little chits and paper because they may be treated as cheating material. Save yourself the drama and embarrassment of getting caught in cheating scandal.

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3. Water Bottle

Carry your own water bottle unless you want to run all the way to water cooler to calm down your nerves or quench your thirst.

water bottle
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4. Watch

In an era where almost every third person is addicted to their phone and watches have merely become accessory, during exams it is one of the most important thing. Since, electronic devices are not allowed in examination hall, you’ll have to go back to looking at watch to manage your time. Unless, you want to rely on the examiner to tell the time after every 15 minutes! Your own watch will help you manage your time according to your speed and you’ll finish your exam on time.

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5. Calculator or spectacles

Calculator for that exam in which you are allowed to carry it. You’ll save a lot of time by doing long calculations in seconds. Also, don’t forget to carry your spectacles if you need them. It would be extremely frustrating and difficult to write an exam with blurry vision.

calculator and spectacles
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6. Cardboard

Always carry your cardboard. You never know when the stars may change and you have to sit on damaged or broken furniture during your exam. Carry cardboard for those ‘canteen turned exam halls’ where furniture is not at all reliable.

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7. You and your confidence

Yes, this is the most important thing. You’ve to be present in the examination hall to actually write the exam. It is always advisable to reach the exam hall before exam starts. You never know about the traffic or the metro. Take no chances and be there before time. Also, even if you’ve not prepared well, just don’t sit in the exam all worked up. Nervousness will only worsen things for you and make you forget the stuff that you already know. Sit in the exam like you know everything, even if you don’t. Be confident. Gather all your strength and face the exam with a smile on face.

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All the best for the exams!!

Nidhi Panchal

[email protected]

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