In Converstion with Mr. Dhanasekar, Arizona State University, Fall 2016

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At some point or the other in our education, we all wish to widen our horizons of reach and go to foreign countries which provide better learning opportunities. But what matters the most in an application to a foreign university, what is the correct time to start looking for applications… these basic questions are the trickiest of all. What better way than to contact a person who has gone through the grindstone himself? Read on excerpts from an  interview with Mr. Dhanasekar (who is going to pursue M.S. Programme in Arizona State University in Fall, 2016) , as he opens up about how he prepared himself for the application.

Ques: Tell us about your undergraduate education {for example, from which college you graduated, your course, etc.}.

Dhanasekar: I did my Mechanical Engineering from NIT Karnataka. It was a great college. In college, what matters more is the level of students who are groomed; this is what which broadens your level of thinking. Elite colleges outstand for this very reason.


Mr. Dhanasekar

Ques: What do you think matters most in an application to a foreign university?

Dhanasekar: Your application should be your reflection of  educational and career background. When you are applying for Masters, you will be specializing in a particular field. First determine your field of interest and make a list of colleges and professors who are pioneers in that field. There are thousands of universities across globe, choose only those few universities based on research activity on the specified field. If you have a right background on the field and few supporting docs on your capability, then getting an admit is quite easy. The supporting document might include your GRE, TOEFL, or Undergraduate GPA..

Ques: You were offered seats in both Arizona State University and the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Any specific reason for choosing the former over the latter?

Dhanasekar: Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the largest public university in the US with diverse streams. It is ranked No. 1 in innovation.  Michigan Ann Arbor is one among Top Ranked universities across globe. I choose former because of the right mixture of Professor and research field.

Ques: How did you prepare yourself for the application to the programme?

Dhanasekar: Preparing your college application shall not be difficult if you have a clear focus on your research goals. You just have to build a simple statement of purpose to deliver your background. My advice is to be specific on point which you think the admission committee shall know about you – to consider giving an admit. Do not have irrelevant and elaborate stories, it will immediately mar the interest the reader.


Image Credits: Mr. Dhanasekar’s Facebook Profile

Arushi Pathak is a (over-enthusiastic) senior pursuing Economics Honours from DU. The Associate Editor at DU Beat, she is an avid debater and can’t refrain from expressing her opinion over everything. Somehow obsessed with New York City (and all sitcoms set in NYC), she day-dreams to live there soon. She is a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan and can’t have enough of tragedy-themed novels. She believes that she has got the best of both worlds-Economics and Journalism. Always ready for a pep-talk or a life-changing discussion equally readily, she can be contacted at [email protected].

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