5 Movies to evoke your dormant motivation before exams

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We all require motivation and a way out from the numerous distractions that we have in our life, especially at the time of exams. So, if you think that you aren’t completely motivated even after reading quotes on the internet, making phone calls to your friends or by looking at the vast syllabus that needs to be completed in a limited time, I think we can give you a solution. Here’s a list of five movies that can help you get that perfect drive to achieve your goals.

Pursuit of Happyness

The movie revolves around a single father coping up with financial problems and yet supporting his five year old child. He fights all odds with all his power and never lets an opportunity pass him by. After seeing this movie, you might want to question yourself that if he doesn’t let anything stop him, what’s your excuse to not do the same?


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The Blind Side

It’s a story of a young boy named Michael who learns to overcome his difficult childhood after being taken into protection by Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock). He strives hard to get the required GPA at school to finally say goodbye to his past and focus on playing for the school’s football team.


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Never Back Down

The protagonist Jake Tyler’s transition is seen through the movie. He goes from losing his temper frequently to controlling the outcome of the last fight. The long sessions of practice to excel at MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and rising above the opinions of others is what inspires any viewer easily.

never back down

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A 19 year old, dedicated drummer, Andrew is seen practicing till his hands bleed. He overturns the pressure put on him by his teacher Terence Fletcher. The end of the movie is disputed, but his seriousness towards his music is something which is clearly inspiring.


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Wolf of Wall Street

In no way are we justifying the means Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) uses to gain his desired goals but come on, one can’t ignore his passion towards becoming successful and the exhilaration one feels seeing him be the best at what he does.


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