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Life at Delhi University: Bachelor of Multi Media and Mass Communication

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Lights! Camera! Action! Despite this run of the mill, clichéd description, believe me, that is precisely how a day in a mass media student’s life starts. After pulling off a late nighter: writing a story, watching a movie, reading a deeply engrossing book or indulging in investigavtive journalism when we finally fall asleep it is mostly after the clock strikes midnight and come morning we usually need a hundred watt light right in our faces or a bucket of ice cold water, if you will, to wake us up. Then next step in line is to shake enough sense into ourselves to find our way to 31, Shamnath Marg known only to the IPians and their close friends as Indraprastha College for Women.

As for camera and action, these two go hand in hand after all we are known to document each and every moment of our lives through our vast and inspiring presence on the social media. One thing that forms a vital brick of our department is our team spirit and the affection we hold for each other, it is like a close knit family of about two hundred and fifty female students. The quote – “One for all and all for one,” truly belongs to the Multi Media and Mass Communication department.

An almost serendipitous play of destiny led me to join this course last year and there have been no regrets ever since. Despite an obvious concern for obscurity, the college finds itself shrouded in given its location and negligible social presence, all the mass media students lead a pretty chilled out life which might not be the envy of many but is a reason enough for them to be happy.

The queson “Why is ‘BMMMC’ better than any other mass communication course offered by various other Institutes in and around Delhi?” can be answered in numerous ways. One of the many being, the practical exposure we get through this course makes us industry ready in about three years me, leaving us the opon of either pursuing our career in one of the many facets of the media world or going forward with higher studies which would further add shine to our already luminous prospects.

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1.What does it take to become a media student?

Come for admissions wearing your love for media (books, magazines, movies, TV shows, documentaries, photography) on your sleeve and hopefully your curious nature and potential to learn would sail you through the three amazing but tedious years of BMMMC life.

2.One too many

I don’t think a lot of people out there know that media is a plural of medium so the number of mediums that come under the word media and therefore the number of fields available to us for forging our career is crazy. I spent most of my first year trying to figure out my vocation – Do I write well, can I become a reporter or a travel journalist? Becoming a photographer would be so rad; taking up job as a Public Relation person will not be that bad either, I mean I meet new people all the time and have I ever met anybody more amiable than myself? After spending more than a year contemplating this overwhelming list of options, I am still not sure of what I want to do.

3.Jai Ho Yogi Ma’am Ki

Dr. Manasvini M. Yogi is the living breathing soul of our Department. Her grit, patience and her immense love for the course has made it such a success. Everybody loves and dreads her in equal measure. The marathon we run every morning from the metro station to the doors of the studio to a end her class becomes the highlight of our day. Then on days when unfortunately we lose the race against me and find ourselves locked outside class, we find ourselves consoling each other with jerky smiles and canteen food.

4.Our version of heaven

The audio visual studio also known as The Studio is the safe haven of BMMMC students for most part of the year. Since it is the only other room except for the library (too crowded) and AV room (perpetually locked) that grants the students the cool and refreshing air of AC in the sultry summer of Delhi, you will always find a crowd of media students there; huddled together pondering feminism, gossiping or watching videos.

5.News Paper A. K. A. Holy Bible of media students

Never read a newspaper before? What have you been doing your entire life child? Trust me, this is the kind of rant you will be subjected to when you enter BMMMC. The kind of humiliation this class piles onto you would give you the movation to read tomorrow’s paper today, if it were possible. All our teachers are hell bent on convincing us of the fact that reading newspaper everyday is a life alarming acon, forget brushing, reading a newspaper is what you should wake up to every day for the rest of your life. This is what you signed up for as a media student, isn’t it?

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Guest Post by Sonali from Indraprastha College for Women


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