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Indian Maestro Zubin Mehta performs at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

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With ‘The string’ section placing their instruments on stage, ‘The Soprano singer’ practicing some of the highest notes that had to be sung in “Queen of the Night”, and the ‘Wood Wind’ section and the Brass following the routine, it was amidst this dim lit discourse and orchestral grand yellow lighting, that Indian Maestro Zubin Mehta performed at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi on 31 October 2015.

The concert began with the entry of concertmaster Mr. Daniel Dodds followed by the star of the evening, Maestro Zubin Mehta. He was extremely professional as was evident from his posture on the raised podium, with his baton out and the orchestra playing “Overture Leonore No. 3” composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The overture from Beethoven’s only Opera “Fidelio” ensued a sense of joy, happiness and amazement in the entire Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The world renowned Indian conductor of Western classical music was so much into conducting that, while enforcing the dynamics towards the violin section, his baton flew and was thankfully caught and handed over by a violist. Maestro didn’t blink nor stopped for a second and the entire audience remained dumbstruck seeing his sharp focus and patience towards his art. After the powerful overture, the alluring Ms. Greta Bradman took over the stage for the rendition of one of the most popular arias of Classical Music – “Der Höelle Rache” or “Queen of the Night” composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Ms. Bradman awed each and every soul with the flute like notes in this aria which was followed by “Leonara’s aria” composed by Giuseppe Verdi. The emotion gripped the audience so much that many even cried during this aria. Finally, one of the most romantic arias– “Una voce poco fa” by Rossini was performed. Greta stole many hearts in that aria with her flirty moves. Her notes were very fluid in nature that set the mood of the aria straight.

After a brief break, one of the most beautiful symphonies was played by Mr. Mehta. He conducted vivaciously throughout the four movements of “Symphony No. 2, Op. 73, D Major” composed by Johannes Brahms. The final Allegro con Spirito movement literally swayed the audience from their seats and Mr. Mehta with the Australian World Orchestra received a standing ovation. “Encore! Encore!” was filled and Mr. Mehta gifted the audience by conducting a mellifluous waltz by Dvorak. Undoubtedly, he flabbergasted Delhi’s audience with his dynamism and persona. Definitely the Maestro came, he conducted and he conquered!


Sidhant R. Seth
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Image Courtesy: Sidhant R. Seth

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