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Commerce Association of Jesus and Mary College organizes Annual Commerce festival, Comacumen

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DSC05371 The winners for Quizbola were Nipun Kalra of Ram Lal Anand College, Sarthak Suri of Ram Lal Anand College and Aman Gautam of Sri Venkateswara College. The first prize in Corporate Roadies was won by Harnaman Singh of College of Vacational studies and Rajannya Lahiri of Jamia Milia Islamia College. Fun-her-tainment was won by Chetan Sharma, Ankit Kadian, Himanshu Paliwal and Prateek Shukla of ARSD College. The first prize for Cash-It was awarded to Yamini Kalra, Priyanka Chugh and Rinky Garg of Gargi College. Mind-n-Money was won by Saksham Dewan of SSCBS, Vaibhav Gupta of SGGSCC, Neil Suri of Dyal Singh College and Tanvi Sinha of IPCW College, Shitij Singhal of IIT Delhi in the first and second slot respectively. Lastly, Amazing Race awarded its first prize to Roopika Kapoor, Parichita Raghav, Isha Setia and Isha Somani. According to Ruchika, a participant from Kamala Nehru College, “This is the third consecutive time I’ve visited jmc Commerce fest, every year, it’s just getting better!” The fest, which continued for seven hours, witnessed a variety of stalls, ranging from food to innovative craft works. DJ and Dhol added a further lively touch to the event. Image Credits- Preeti Sridhar from JMC Lovleen Kaur [email protected]]]>

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