Changing lives through Teach For India: In conversation with Khushboo Kumari, TFI Alumnus

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Teach For India (TFI) is a non-profit organisation, which is a part of the Teach For All global movement. Through its Fellowship program, TFI recruits qualified Indian college graduates and working professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years. Fellows work to bridge the educational gaps that their students face, in the hopes of putting their students on a fundamentally different life path.


After two years of the Fellowship, the Fellows become a part of an alumni movement. The aim of this movement is for the alumni to work from inside and outside the educational system to affect the long-term changes necessary to realize educational opportunity for all.

We talked with Khushboo Kumari, one of the alumni members of the movement:

Khushboo Kumari

Q 1. Tell us about your experience as a Teach for India fellow.

Ans. My experience at TFI is all about learning, learning about myself, my kids and their community and the macro environment. Just after joining, when you enter in your class, you can recognize the loopholes in different systems and the responsibility you have on your shoulders for the next two years to make not a big but an impactful change in young lives.


Q 2. How did being a TFI fellow help you and why would you recommend that?

Ans. Being a TFI fellow has helped me coming out from my comfort zone (I never thought I could stay far away from home and work relentlessly), realizing my potential day by day, I am challenging my own thoughts and trying to be better than yesterday not better than anyone, I would recommend it to those who love experimenting with different opportunities because everyone here is working towards the same vision with his own working style and ideas.

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Q 3. What qualities do you think a person should have to work for an organization such as Teach For India?

Ans. Consistency in efforts, hard work to continue, patience to accept all results, conviction for the cause and a hopeful smile on face.


Q 4. In your opinion what is the best and worst that comes out of the experience at Teach for India?

Ans. The best outcome is the flood of love from your kids who love you not by judging your teaching skills but by identifying your pure intentions towards them. The kind of love that will smoothly make you more caring, humble and thankful towards mankind. Though the worst outcomes are no less but at the end you will realize that those moments of doubts and insecurity came to take you to the path you always wanted for always, just don’t stop!


Kartikeya Bhatotia

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