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SRCC student sets new Guinness World Record by playing piano for 130 hours

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Mrityunjay Sharma, a third year B. Com student from Shri Ram College Of Commerce, has broken the world record of the longest piano recital (previously in the name of Polish pianist Romuald Koperski for playing for 103 hours) by playing for 130 hours.

The event was called 7 Notes 7 Days, and although the aim was to play for 155 hours, Mrityunjay had to discontinue after 130 hours due to health issues. After taking only 1 break of 5 mins in the first 24 hours, he played continuously to earn a break of 20 mins after 100 hours. He had previously entered in the Limca Book of Records for playing incessantly for 52 hours. He has been learning to play the instrument since the age of three and also has a flair for cooking and sketching. “I feel grateful that I could do something for my nation as this record will last with the foreign countries for many years” said Mrityunjay. He wasn’t allowed to repeat the tunes once played at least for the next 24 hours. The entire video of his recital was recorded and has been sent to Guinness Book of World Records for assessment. He was constantly motivated and encouraged by his friends and teachers. His friends from hostel sang, clapped and cheered for him during the nights to make sure he doesn’t fall asleep.

The piano he played on was provided by an alumnus of SRCC. Vice chancellor Dinesh Singh was present in the auditorium on Thursday night, October 15 when Mrityunjay finally broke the record and was awarded one lakh rupees by the college. The music played by Mrityunjay was generated in four different categories to help in the mental development of autistic children.

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