DU to give ‘holiday homework’ for the mid-sem break

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Owing to its age old popular reputation of making last minute changes, be it in the syllabi or in the admission process and other rules, Delhi University is all set to introduce the first ever mid-semester break assignments or ‘holiday homework’ online on its website.

Keeping in mind the wave of Digital India doing the round these days and Dussehra festivities approaching, the University has left no stones unturned in following the ‘upar se aya order’ and make students go digitally desi with their assignments. A few insiders, not wishing to be named, have informed us about some of the probable tasks that we can expect as homework. For instance, Journalism students across DU maybe asked to hoard social media with ‘Safe Festivity Posts’; English Honours students in all probability are to be given the task of reading the English translation of ‘The Ramayana’ and formulating an essay on the same, narrate our credible sources.

It has also come to light that, B. Com Honours students may be asked to create business models to push ‘Chinese crackers’ out of the Indian markets during these Dussehra holidays in order to help Indian manufacturers thrive and promote the ‘Make in India’ dream.

While most colleges have welcomed this guideline without much resistance, colleges like Lady Shri Ram College, St.Stephen’s College and Shri Ram College of Commerce have sent the university a notice that they won’t comply with the university homework. They have proposed to upload their own online assignments for their students instead.

An agitated student from a South Campus college talked to us about her heplessness. She said, “DU is becoming so much like a school. They expect us to use our ‘break-time’for such stupid assignments. This is unfair. I thought it was a rumour, but it’s a shocking revelation.”

Riya Chhibber
[email protected]

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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