Udghosh 2015, the sports festival of IIT Kanpur closes with Sanath Jayasuriya gracing the event

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Udghosh’15, the annual sports festival of IIT Kanpur,  was conducted from 1st-4th October, 2015. It sees massive participation from all over the nation year after year and has been growing well since its inception.

This year, Udghosh’15 showed the amount of raw talent that the youth of this nation possesses and that all it needs to be moulded into a sporting force to be reckoned with are encouraging tournaments.

The festival also saw some wonderful performances in the first two days. Day 1 featured a lively and soulful performance by “The Local Train”, which enthralled the crowd and was a perfect start to the festival. After a long day of tiring sports, the students found it the perfect platform to let off their steam. The second day featured bike stunts by the “Ghost Ryderz”, which was the first of its kind in any sporting festival in India. The crowd was wooed by the amazing daredevilry shown by the group, and was left waiting for more.

Udghosh Udghosh

Day 3 featured an amazing performance by Nikhil D Souza, the voice behind some of the most romantic songs of our generation such as Mere Bina, Gubbare and Sang Hoon Tere among many others. The crowd was especially captured by his wonderful rendition of Mere Bina.

On day 4, the crowd was entitled to a raft of amazing sports performances by all the final day participants. The success of the festival was even clearer by the fact that all the competitions were conducted fairly and it was unanimous that the winners of all competitions were definitely the best among the lot.

The most important spectacle of Day 4, however, was the Closing Ceremony graced by Mr. Sanath Jayasuriya. His pearls of wisdom will definitely last forever with everyone who was present at the OAT that day. His humility and dedication towards sports was something which all the participants must look up to if they want to be successful in life. His words showed us that talent might make you a good player, but it is your attitude and dedication that makes you a great sportsperson.

Apart from all this, a plethora of informal events went on side by side during the four days, which kept the non-participants busy. The adventure villa and the poker tournament received massive participation and was a huge success.

Image Credits: Udghosh Team, IIT Kanpur

Contributed by the Udghosh Team


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