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JMC spreads spirit of Eco-Enthusiasm through EcoVantage 2015

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With an aim to enrich the beauty of economics through the ‘learning by discovery’ approach, the annual fest of ‘EcoVantage’, organized by the Department of Economics of JMC was finally discovered by all on 28th September, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Jesus and Mary College.

It drew participation from more than 50 colleges in and around Delhi University. The day included a total number of six events, which functioned to fulfill the appetite of everyone’s wide array of interests, and instill the youth with a realistic and innovative knowledge of habitual economics and financial management.

The fest started with the Panel Discussion, which raised the issue of Investment Climate in India in the Global Scenario. It gave an opportunity to all the aspiring economists to enhance their pioneering ideas and thoughts, through interactions and debates with some of the most prestigious personalities from the field of economics, such as Dr. Bornali Bhandari, Mr. Shailesh Vikram Singh, Dr. Soumya Ghosh, and Dr. Rohit Azad.

On the other hand, Brand Tambola which occurred simultaneously brought a fun new twist to this aged old game. Although played in the same way as usual tambola, it replaced numbers with various brands and company logos, meant to be ticked off according to the hints given by the speaker. These clues included all popular taglines, distinct features, and famous advertisements of brands and apps. In the end, it gave away 20 winners in total, who all received gift vouchers.

This was preceded by a Paper Presentation, participated by all future economic analysts, who were given a chance to exhibit their research capabilities on various topics. The winning paper belonged to PJ Paul of St.Stephen’s college whose topic was ‘Focal States and regional integration- A game theoretical approach’.


Around the campus, a Mock Stock was also held which paved the way for all stock market enthusiasts. Through this stock trading competition, they gained a rich learning experience of not just smart conduct of their business skills, but lessons of luck and strategy’s manifestation as well. Cash prizes were given to all winners.

With a zest of creativity and a dash of madness, participants of Ad-Mad, an Advertisement Making Competition, portrayed their artistic blend of marketing and advertising skills in an innovative display of a two-three minute skit. There were two rounds; Radio Jingle (audio round) and Film-piece (video round), on the theme ‘Make in India’ which included topics such as “Teeth whitening paan-masala” and “Cancer preventing cigarettes”. A total of 25 teams were selected out of 194 applicants. The winning team belonged to ARSD (Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma) College for their advertisement on ‘Perfect Pout Lips’.

On being asked about their overall experience, one of the winning team members of Ad-Mad, led by Chetan Sharma said, “It was a surprise-filled experience, as me and my friends had registered on-the-spot and wanted to participate solely on the basis of having fun. We thought of an idea and decided to go with it. We were overwhelmed and ecstatic when we were announced as winners.”

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All hell broke loose when the last segment of the fest- Amazing Race took place. This game was played to empower all the participants to explore their way about the campus by solving a bunch of clues given after reaching every next level. It was ‘a race against time’ to be won by using their intellectual as well as physical strength in the most amusing and exhilarating way. It saw participation of students in the largest numbers, and went on for two hours in two different time slots. The final winners of this last competition included teams of Prayas and Karan, and Shivangi and Kanika.


Image Credits: Uzma Rehman for DU Beat

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