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Peace Gong Youth Team organises street play performed by dramatics society of MAC

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rising intolerance in the society and the importance of nonviolence. The play was organised during Raahgiri, on September 27, 2015 at Connaught Place, New Delhi. The play was performed by Abhinay, the dramatics society of Maharaja Agrasen College. The Peace Gong is a national platform for children and youth to connect together and work for peace, nonviolence and sustainable development. Speaking on the efforts of the team to create awareness on the importance of nonviolence, the Peace Gong youth coordinator, Abhishek Ranjan, a first year student of the Maharaja Agrasen College said the Peace Gong was planning to bring together students of different colleges of Delhi University to propagate the message of peace, tolerance and mutual understanding.

Explaining the concept behind the play, Ankita Tomar, a 3rd year Journalism student of the Maharaja Agrasen College and the coordinator of Abhinay said, “We all know how throughout our freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi placed emphasis on the principles of nonviolence. But we are all concerned at the rising intolerance in our society where people tend to follow the path of violence at the slightest pretext. Through this play we are trying to portray that violence is no solution.”
Another Coordinator of Abhinay, Kartik Kala, a third year student pointed out that they intended to stage the play in other places in Delhi. He said, “It is important to incorporate Bapu’s teachings in one’s life and work for a compassionate world.” “What we require is a student’s movement to address issues of intolerance and mutual disrespect,” said Palak Narula, another Peace Gong youth member and a first year student of Journalism. “We have to use different forms of media to reach out to each and every member of the society to influence aggressive behaviour towards each other. As a group committed to work for peace and nonviolence, we intend to learn and use the Gandhian principles of nonviolent communication to bring change and greater understanding in the society.” Ankit Kumar, a first year student of Maharaja Agrasen College and also a Peace Gong youth member said in the coming weeks they planned totake up issues like road rage etc to address issues of rising intolerance in the society. Other members of Abhinay like Vinay Sharma, Vihaan Pathak, Neha Singh, Sahil Vashist and others expressing their concern on the rising intolerance said they hoped their medium of street plays would contribute to create some awareness on the significance of mutual respect. Image Credits: Vishal Bhandari and Abhishek Ranjan Guest Post By Abhishek Ranjan  ]]>

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