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Campus Ambassadors: An upcoming trend across colleges

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If you’re a college student, finding the perfect internship to go along with your college activities and schedule is a must. We see many trends come and go; in this field, the openings for the position of Brand or Campus Ambassadors are noted as the upcoming fad in urban areas like Delhi.

Ideally, the role of a campus ambassador entails the student acting as a catalyst between the Company and their campus. They become the representative of the particular company on their campus and their roles vary from marketing and promotion to event management and communications. Many companies, start-ups and MNC’s alike have started recruiting students for this part time Internship position to widen their outreach amongst college students.

For many college going students, it may seem like the perfect opportunity – Not going to office, not having to miss any lectures and all the work is from home or from campus. So here we’ll enlist five distinct traits of this emerging trend which sets it apart from all other Internships:

  1. Flexible working Hours

You no longer have to worry about specific office timings to work for a campus ambassador program as long as you’re getting the results. Specific tasks are allotted regularly which you’d have to fulfill by connecting the organization to your campus through various platforms. This is truly ideal for those who are involved in multiple campus activities.


  1. Work alongside college days

Now you no longer have to wait for the semester-end to approach so you can start out an internship during summer and winter vacations. You can easily manage the tasks given during the program alongside your lectures and other college activities. Yes, the whole experience of working in an office is indeed lost and the whole concept of learning a company’s work culture and skill sets through an internship don’t apply here; however, you definitely adapt the idea of managing multiple tasks.


  1. Networking beyond college boundaries

Through these, you finally get a wonderful chance to venture out of the comfort zone of your classroom groups and college societies, into the diverse network of company contacts. Not only will you learn from their experiences, they will help you kick-start your career as well depending on the company you work for.


  1. Learn certain basic Skills

As a campus ambassador, you may not gain proficiency for specialized abilities and attributes which are taught in a full time internship program. However, you’ll definitely learn a basic set of skills which are encouraged for every fresher. Due to the flexibility as well, you slowly learn out certain ways around your campus, students and work thus increasing your competence as a career ready individual after college.


  1. Enhance your CV

As mentioned earlier, since you no longer have to wait for vacations to come around for an Internship or part time work experience; you can start working on your CV in college itself and get a head-start over others. This also increases your chance of getting a more structured and better Full-Time internship during vacation period.


Such programs have their pros and con’s, but as the trend emerges, we’re sure many students are benefitting as the popularity of this position increases day by day!


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