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Spending a day in Delhi: Majnu ka Tila

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Majnu ka Tila, or MKT as it is fondly called, is a Tibetan colony located near Vidhan Sabha Metro station.

A rickshaw ride to Majnu ka Tila is the most feasible and hastle free. A beautiful overhead walking bridge welcomes you with colourful flags, building the expectation of a ‘miny Tibet’ within Delhi. Don’t let the narrow austere alley confuse you. One must be patient and soldier through this lane because the most exciting network of rich alleys awaits!

Majnu ka Tila is a remedy from the often exhausting energy of Delhi and replaces it with the monastic spirit of Tibet. Here are some of my favourite things about MKT, now yours to explore:

1. Laphing, the prettier sibling of momos: It is about time that we stop feeling so patriotic about the momos at North Campus. The beautifully made and spiced Tibetan Laphing is a very strong competitor of our beloved staple food. This is probably the main reason why I shun every plan and head towards my favourite Laphing point opposite Rigo House at Majnu ka Tila instead! It’s very hard to go back to the plain old momos once you’ve had a taste of this beauty.

2. Shopping for all that’s ‘in’: If you’re in awe of the collection of clothes at Kamla Nagar, say hello to your new paradise. Even on your 57th visit to Majnu ka Tila, you will still be as excited as you were the first time.

From shoe stores, to souvenir shops everything is dangerous for your pocket money, because at Majnu ka Tila, you will just want to add everything to your wardrobe.

3. Restaurants galore: If you are looking for an alternative to Hudson Lane and Kamla Nagar, Majnu ka Tila is the answer. If you are not looking for an alternative, you must definitely bless your delusional heart with a visit.


The comfortably beautiful Ama’s Cafe and Restaurant, The Asian Kitchen House, and Dolma House, to name a few are places to fulfill your “food-porn” goals. Tibetan cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best that I have ever had.

(Do not forget to try the Mud Cake at Ama’s cafe, especially after the Laphing.)

4. The colony and the people: I have always felt safe and at peace in Majnu ka Tila. After a year of experience, I think I can explain why. Since the place is resided in by Tibetans of all ages, the place feels like a big family. You can’t help but feel at home here. It feels wonderful to greet the elders and have a playful conversation with the kids.

I am not a Tibetan, and their culture is not very similar to mine, but I feel a sense of attachment and belonging to this place. It seems like a home away from home for some reason. If you are fed up with the fast paced and monotonous life too, give yourself an opportunity to refill your drained spirits with the simplicity and warmth of this place.

Image credits: Haidam Zeme and

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