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Dastaan-e-Bhookh – A Third Space Collective Production

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Third Space Collective (TSC), a theatre group based in Delhi recently performed a small preview of their latest production ‘Dastan-e-Bhookh’, an adaption of American author Sam Sheperd’s path-breaking play ‘Curse of the Starving Class’ at Greater Kailash-2 on the 28th of August.

‘Curse of the Starving Clas’s is a dark and comic exploration of a family’s psyche in the style of absurdism. The original play focuses on the dysfunctional Tate clan. A drunken dreamer of a father, burned out mother, rebellious teenage daughter and an idealistic son are the characters in the family and who are the focus of the play. The production aims to draw attention to the ominous bulldozer buzzing ominously, 100 ft away from the run down house of this squabbling family. It pushes the viewers to ask the whys of the demise of the family unit rather than the ‘whats’. The hunger, ever present in the household is a constant reminder of all that’s missing in their lives. Devoid of any real understanding of what has pushed them into this malfunctionality, the family pursues their attempts at pulling themselves out, mindlessly grabbing at whatever their persecutors throw at them.

Brilliantly directed and executed, the play emerges as thought provoking  and intelligent and the equally brilliant use of props will have you sitting throughout watching in rapt attention.


Third Space Collective is a group of theatre practitioners creating theatre which is of relevance to the times we live in. Their core idea is to actively push themselves to use all available resources at hand to create performances. Dastaan-e-Bhookh has been under production for about five months and they are finally ready to perform a series of shows.

They will be performing at Akshara theatre near RML hospital, Connaught Place on 3rd, 10th and 11th of September. Passes will be available on these dates from 4 pm to 7 pm.

As the director, Dhwani Vij had to say, ” Set in the outskirts of Delhi, the production peers in to the very-obvious-but-swept-under-the-carpet-reality of hyper urbanization which is vicariously gnawing away at the rural settlements in and around the city. The road to reach the stage has been long and magnificent for this production. I am really excited to know how Delhi will react  to our attempt“.

Arindam Goswami

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