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DUTA Elections 2015 Result Analysis

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th of August 2015. The elections took place at the Faculty of Arts Building from 10 am till 5pm. Incumbent President Ms. Nandita Narain of St. Stephen’s College, Mr. Rajendra Mehta of the Department of Modern Indian Language and Literary Studies, Mr. Sanjay Kumar of Zakir Hussain Evening College and Mr. VS Negi of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College were contesting for the post of President of the Delhi University Teachers Association. Ms. Nandita Narain of the Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) emerged victorious late last night with a final tally of 2390 defeating Mr. VS Negi of the National Democratic Teachers’ Front (NDTF) who put up a tough fight with his final tally coming to 2164. IMG_4435 Credits: Whereas the campaigning was void of any controversy, the same could not be said for the tallying, which ended on a rather dramatic note. The counting that started at 6 pm on the evening of August 27th was stalled a little after midnight. Two of the ballot papers in favor of the Academics for Action and Development (AAD) candidate Sanjay Kumar had allegedly been mutilated but were nonetheless declared valid by the election commission. The NDTF walked out in protest but the following round of votes was still calculated in their absence. The results of the elections may have been declared but this situation is far from over with an apparent set of negotiations taking place for another round of counting and threats by the AAD to go to court. IMG_4434 Credits: Whether or not these negotiations result in a recount of votes, Ms. Nandita Narain successfully retained her post as President of the Delhi University Teachers Association. With a newly elected Executive Committee, DUTA is sure to continue fighting for the interests of Delhi University’s students and teachers and ensure that a unified and independent Teachers’ movement is kept alive in DU for the years to come. The newly elected committee is as follows:

  Name Political Affiliation
1. Sunil Kumar NDTF
2. Anil Sharma NDTF
3. Rajesh Jha AAD
4. Sandeep UTF
5. Seema Das AAD
6. Bhupinder Chowdhury DTF
7. C.S. Rawat AAD
8. Rajiv Verma AAD-Rathi
9. A.M. Khan INTEC
10. Vijaya Venkatraman DTF
11. Angad Tiwari DTF
12. Vivek Mohan DTF
13. Shambunath Dubey NDTF
14. Sunil Kayasth INTEC
15. Ashok Yadav NDTF
Featured Image Credits: Shraman Ghosh [email protected]]]>

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