Bazinga: Delhi University makes haircuts compulsory for boys!

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bazinga flattopDelhi University has established a rule making haircuts compulsory for boys!Male students of Delhi University are now required to have their hair cut in one of four university approved ways in order to “change the image of the average DU student.” A special committee set up for this purpose passed a resolution on Monday approving four different hairstyles that male students are allowed to sport in college. The approved hairstyles mentioned in the ordinance include the flattop cut (commonly sported by Simon Cowell), the bowl cut (a popular American hairstyle during the 1980s) and variations of the crew cut, which most Indian boys have had at some point in their life. Students are, however, not allowed to shave their heads completely without prior permission from their college principals. “We believe that our students should exhibit the same sense of cleanliness and discipline as our armed forces, we hope to reach a similar consensus on clothing before the end of this year,” said a member of the DU administration.
bazinga bowl cut

Although college life has never been associated with any such regulations, institutions in different parts of the world have often made such attempts to curtail personal freedoms. For example, last year the North Korean government passed a guideline that required all its male university students to get the same hair cut as their beloved leader Kim Jong-un. Back home, the initial response from students has not been particularly positive but student unions across colleges have requested its students to approach this change in a unified manner. “We understand that this is a threat to the sovereignty and independence of the students but we must find an appropriate time and place to stage our protest, till then we request all students to kindly accept the new ordinance,” said a member of the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU). Whether this hair cut scheme will erupt into another standoff between the DU administration and its students or indeed lead to a change in the image of the average DU student, only time will tell. Until then, we advice our male readers to visit a barber as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news! A visit to the barber with the mentioned hairstyles may be injurious to your reputation.

Shraman Ghosh
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