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A Liberal Society is a Myth

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We’re living in an era of bans and conservative policing. One’s diet, behaviour, dressing style, sexuality- nothing is exempted from the moral ‘sanskaari’ school of thought.

Institutions especially, are keen on propagating ‘cultural’ values among students. Here are some of the most ridiculous rules in colleges and universities around India, which make one wonder if a liberal society is a myth:

1. “Chappals ruining the reputation of our Institution”
Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, IP University thinks that tight clothes, slippers and nylon chappals are ruining their repute as an institution of learning. The ban has been enforced on both,the students and the faculty, alike.

AMU- firstpost.in
2. “Can’t let girls enter the library, they’ll attract more boys.”
Turning down the demand of female students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) for access to the Maulana Azad Library, Vice-Chancellor Lt. Gen Zameer Uddin Shah has said there would be “four times more boys” in the library if girls were allowed in. What’s worse? The principal of Women’s College, AMU agrees with Mr. Shah saying a discipline issue might crop up due to presence of girls.

3. “No shorts for women due to security concerns.”
Women students of St. Xavier’s College will not be allowed to wear shorts at their popular annual fest-Malhar, this year. This has come from the college’s recently appointed principal, Agnelo Menezes, who cited security concerns.

4. “Criticizing the PM? You’re now banned, thanks.”
Ambedkar Periyar student circle of IIT Madras was banned by the HRD Ministry because apparently, they were spreading “hatred” against the Prime Minister. Merely criticizing the government and current policies was touted as hatred and defamation.

5. “This is a sanskaari bus hence, no boy and girl should sit together.”
Gitamm University, Hyderabad has set its transport rules straight. No boy and girl should sit together in the bus; and we thought that Universities are supposed to be free from the unnecessary narrow minded guidelines society throws upon us.

Well, if all this is imposed on the youth of this “developing” country, I wonder how progressed we will be in the coming 69 years!

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