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On- campus placements begin in Delhi University

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With the commencement of the new session, the final year conundrums are already catching pace for many students with early placement sessions in various Delhi University colleges.

While the first surge of placements has mostly been for Commerce students, other DU courses await to see which companies will come on campus this year. Colleges like Jesus and Mary College, Kirori Mal College, Hans Raj College and Indraprastha College for Women have already started playing hosts to recruiting companies.

Deloitte recently offered an average package of 4 lakhs to 26 B. Com. (Honours) final year students in the Auditing Department at Jesus and Mary College. In Kirori Mal College, a few students have been placed for a package close to 3.2 lakhs as Audit Associates with Global Talent Hub.

As Ernst and Young, Deloitte, McKinsey and Keppler have been organizing continuous Soft Skills Workshops in almost all DU colleges, Teach for India has also started holding orientations for its 2 year Fellowship in various colleges.

While IP College awaits placements by Ernst and Young for its students, Hans Raj College will soon host Bain and Company bringing an offer of 10 lakhs and Deloitte bringing an offer of 4.5 lakhs.

The early start of the placement season is keeping college Placement Cells on their toes. As the start of the session has begun with grand openings, one can only hope for better offers in the future.

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Ayesha Sareen

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