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Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences protests for a union

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Like a last scintillation emerging from the massive political blackout surrounding the students of Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, the 12th August strike was yet another ‘student-demonstration’ striving for constitution of a  Students’ Union. The protest by 500 students was unruffled, until lathi charge dispersed them. The principal lodged an FIR with respect to vandalism which the students purported false as they were 20 meters away from the college gate. The protestors counterclaimed that they had already taken permission from the DCP to protest for their rights as long as it was a ‘peaceful demonstration’ and they had no idea what made their confidence ebb that they arrested their leader.

Notwithstanding the unanimous filing of memorandum and college ID cards of 300 students, for this proposal to be passed, the principal indignantly declared that all the ‘co-conspirators’ will be awarded a zero in their internal assessments for degrading the esteem values of a science college in pursuit of political activism and furthermore precluded them from college placements as well.

“Two years ago, a referendum was demanded for establishment of a representative body of students but the authorities tackled it deftly by imposing a 75% criteria (which originally had been 67%) and subsequently intimidated the Food Technology department from casting their votes,” said a student. The administration had approved the union in the following year but on being questioned, the principal raised his hand as if to swat the conversation away.

“We tried seeking help from ABVP, NSUI and CYSS but they all seem engaged in pre-election campaigning and had no time for an issue so trivial. We will fight for our right to form the union which shall be accountable to the common mass and give all the students the right to choose their leader, unlike faculty nominations,” said Ashu Bidhuri, leader of the Students’ Reform Group. In spite of objection from students, the college authorities decided to hold a Students’ Advisory Meeting to discuss the dispute further.


Featured Image Credits: Ravi Pratap Dubey

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