How Becoming I Foundation’s Project Leap is changing lives

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Becoming I Foundation is an internationally recognized youth led organization that mobilizes young people into engaging with community development issues. With volunteers from varied socio-cultural backgrounds and age groups working on projects in the fields of women empowerment, trafficking, primary education, alternate sources of employment, leadership training, life skills development and youth empowerment, the foundation has mobilized over 5000 youth who have enriched the lives of an equal number of young people.

Tanvi Girotra, CEO and Founder started Becoming I in her first year at Hindu College She shares how working with Becoming I is a life-altering experience, “If there is one very crucial thing that the Becoming I experience teaches you, it is this: You are not doing anyone a favour, you are not pitying anyone, this is not charity of any kind, and you are not on a pedestal in any way. They have more to give you than you will ever have to give them. Go in as an Explorer and you’ll come out a transformed, more educated person. Or if you’re lucky enough, you might never come out.“

One such project they have undertaken goes by the name of Project Leap. Project Leap is Becoming I Foundation’s most effectual venture into education and has created powerful interventions in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Project Leap is a targeted and innovative intervention aimed at providing a wholesome learning and growing environment to children from low-income backgrounds in India.
Volunteers work as educators and render their expertise in the fields of Music/Art/Dance/Theater/Sports. Driven by a commitment towards enabling an all-round development for children from less-privileged backgrounds, the volunteer educators, through a new and innovative curriculum, aim at creating curiosity, sensitivity and an exploration of the self, and to make everyday subjects easy to learn, absorb and assimilate.

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There is no doubt that this has been a hitherto unexplored territory. Teaching performing and creative arts is so empowering, both for the educator and the learner. The overall aim of the project is to drastically bring up admission rates, decrease drop out rates and improve learning outcomes. We foresee every school in India becoming a center for change and community development.

Over the last 6 phases of Project Leap spanning more than 3 years, thousands of young people have excelled as educators and completed their Becoming I journeys.

Recruitments for Project Leap are currently on. If you wish to be an educator of the same, the application forms are available on www.becomingifoundation.org

All Image Credits: Becoming I Foundation

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