DU Freshers Guide 101

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Gone are the days of school uniforms, strict school teachers and the thousand restrictions that come with school life. Our fucchas now finally have a chance to begin a new phase of their life. Surely, many have taken admission in one of the best universities in India for Undergraduate courses – Delhi University.

“DU main admission ho gaya? Ab toh bas enjoy karna hai!” your friend would say. Well, friend, it might be too early to say that. Thanks to numerous articles on College life, stories narrated by seniors and family members, and even Bollywood movies most of us definitely have a lot of expectations from college life.

So here’s our Fresher 101 guide for what you need to know about Life at Delhi University Colleges. It may break your expectations, some might be wrong, but in the end you’ll be somewhat prepared to tackle the new things thrown at you.

  1. Freedom from Restrictions – You were literally counting the days when your board exams get over so you can finally begin your life as a mature responsible college going adult. Exploring places to hang out with new college friends was sure to become a part of your daily routine; or so you thought.

         Reality: You’ll realize your call log on phone is filled with missed calls from your parents initially, and getting into Delhi University won’t stop your parents from constantly questioning your whereabouts. Before the hang outs and friends, you’re just trying to find your way to the next class in the huge campus trying not to get lost and figuring out the names of people in your class.

  1. School friends and College friends – You still remember the last few days of your school when you constantly kept telling your school best friends to stay in touch wherever they are, but always having a fear at the back of your mind that you’ll lose touch with all of them once college begins. As you start meeting new people in college and even being a part of a small group in class, you feel these are going to be your closest friends for the next few years and beyond; only to realize something else.
    Reality: Exactly a year later you might have a completely different set of college friends than the ones you’re with right now. Yes, you might not be in touch with each and every school friend, but the ones who matter the most are going to stay for sure. After all, those school friends have seen you go through the funny middle school phase as well as all those new looks you tried throughout your school years.
  2. The College seniors – As you enter the college gates, you constantly keep praying that you don’t get ragged by a senior. You wouldn’t walk separately from the few people you know in college and all you hope is to find some helpful seniors in your department.
    Reality: You most probably won’t have to worry about anything happening at all. You’ll realize that the very college seniors whom you were a little tensed about are your pillars of support throughout your first year in college. They help you untangle the college life, and in the end, you’ll feel happy to be approached by them rather than the other way round.
  3. Attendance – “Bas ek lecture? Let’s go somewhere else instead,” said that one senior who made you realize that yes, missing lectures in a day is possible and no teacher is going to run after you for attendance. In layman terms, you need not be present throughout the day in college. Also, there is no fixed time to come every single day; at days you’re free by 12pm, and at times your classes can happen till 4pm. Everything seems to be fine…till you hear the criteria for minimum attendance to give exams.

Reality: You might not be eligible to give an exam if you don’t have 66.6% attendance. Most colleges across Delhi University are truly strict about it and would make you sign an undertaking if you aren’t regular to college. You might as well be careful here and not limit your already short time in college.
In the end, these 3 years will make you a far more mature person than you are. You’ll meet some great people with whom you’ll have some of the best memories of your life to cherish. Make the most of each and every day at Delhi University.


Shaina Ahluwalia

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Currently in my third year, studying Political Science major at Ramjas College. I love chicken and books and sleeping. If you want to talk, feel free to drop me a mail at [email protected] or you can reach me through Facebook, Arindam Goswami. Kudos!

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