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Public Policy and its prospects

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Ever wondered why Economics students always end up commenting about the economy in majority of the conversations you have with them? Why these conversations often lead to your Eco friend giving solutions to these problems as if she believed her suggestions would actually be taken into consideration by the Government? This deliberation and arguing has proved to be the genesis of a masters course in Public Policy. A masters in Public Policy is said to provide the student with extremely basic yet vital tools to tackle complex socio – economic policy decisions in the economy. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that a masters in Public Policy is an extensively specialised course which delves more into the theory and practice of making effective and efficient policy decisions. It is a course which consists of various essential elements cropped from subjects like economics, political science, finance, public health, sociology, infrastructure science and social work.
Now let’s talk about the issues and challenges that this infant course will help you understand and find solutions for –
1) The importance of the federal structure in a democratic constitutional economy like USA and India
2) The challenges in Public Health issues.
3) The importance of Public- Private Partnerships and how they can be utilized for better services to the economy.
4) Unorthodox Bill introductions and ways to gain support for the same.
5) The role of press in policy decisions.
6) The implications of indecisions.
7) The oath of service for the greater interest of the economy.
8) The role of politics in policy decisions, among others.
Now that we have understood the issues and challenges that this course will aid in addressing, let’s talk about the future prospects in the same.
People from a public policy would hardly intend to join a corporate sector. That is naturally understood. Hence, in case you wish to work for international bodies, civil society or need to get your concepts clear before you join an administrative position in the Government then this is the perfect course for you. Let’s look at this feed extensively –
1) International Bodies – International Bodies that hire graduate students in Public Policy are WHO, World Bank, IMF, UNESCO, UNDP and many more. This is because these organisations were formed to cater to the needs of economically deprived developing countries. Hence they require specialists in the field of Public Policy who can provide improved economic advice in projects conducted by these organisations. Positions available for fresh graduate students are generally of Project managers, Economic Advisors.
2) Civil Societies – NGO’s and NPO’s are often engrossed in siding with or debunking policies made by the Government. When presented to a parliamentarian, there is scope for improved deliberations over a bill. Sometimes new bills are proposed by these organisations to the Government to ensure better services to the people.These organisations often conduct programmes and need to ascertain the economic feasibility of the same. Hence graduate students in Public Policy are hired for providing the organisation with improved analytical expertise.
3) Administrative Positions – while centralised exams or elections have to be experienced by the candidate for an administrative position. It is often better for someone like that to know the issues faced by the economy and skills to tackle socio economic decisions while making administrative decisions.
Public Policy is growing in popularity and definitely for those who want their say in government decisions. It is a highly recommended course if you wish to be heard in economic decisions.

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