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Time to break a leg: 4 dance workshops you should join this summer break

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It’s summer again, the time of the year when we venture out to try new fields, take up hobbies and recreate. So be sure to add Dancing to your bucket list this break with these brilliant summer workshops in Delhi!

1. Shiamak Dawar’s Summer Funk

That’s right kids, Shiamak Dawar performing arts institute is opening up new batches for training in ‘Electronic Dance Music’ where students will groove to Trans music. This summer programme is multicity and is open for dancers in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. Shiamak’s institute has long running reputation of providing rigorous training and has a special group called ‘Special Potential Batch’.  Summer funk 2 has enrolments starting next week, be there in time!

shiamak 1

2. Hip Hop Dance classes at Big Dance Centre and The DanceWorx

For all the hip hop junkies out there this is a golden chance to learn some new moves, NYC style. Donny aka Mr. Ram Pradeep is taking up teaching at Big Dance Centre in June, and he is also taking hip hop workshops all over Delhi at The DanceWorx. So make sure to catch him in action as he is an experienced trainer with many years of teaching. Plus he specializes in hip hop and funk, so this is a chance some of us hip hop lovers can’t afford to miss! He will be seen next in Gurgaon centre of The Dx on 9th June!

bdc 2

3. Big Dance Centre: Professional Dance Study Program

Big Dance Centre is hosting a professional training program with some of its foreign guest faculty. The open classes take place on 12th, 13th and 14th June. Be sure to enrol and reap the benefits of a rare training experience.

bdc 1

4. Art Nation: The Summer edition

A mega dance workshop organised by Art Vibe and Vedas is coming our way towards the end of June! The list of faculty includes the DU alumnus Gaurav and Chandni from Shri Venkateshwara College, who made it big after graduation which adds to the excitement as the sheer number and variety of styles going to be taught in this event are overwhelming and yet this is not all! There is also a surprise guest faculty at the event. Hyperventilating with excitement yet?


This list includes some of the upcoming opportunities for training in dance, but these are not all. There are many more institutes offering many more exciting programs and styles. So keep looking and keep dancing!

Tarushi Varma
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