Movie Review: Piku

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Piku and the unconventional ideas that it got with its trailer left people guessing what it was all about for quite some time before its release. Luckily for the cast and the director, Shoojit Sircar; the movie came out well and stood up to the expectation of most of the viewers.

With a lot of it focusing on the intricacies of a seventy-year old man’s digestive system, Piku highlights the bitter-sweet relationship between a father and a daughter. The impeccable cast has performed well; with the role of Bhoskar Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) winning all hearts. The close-to-eccentric man with his simple analogies urges us to think beyond the convention and add a progressive touch to our thought.

Small constipation-related jokes with an added tinge of stealing salt kept the movie in a light mood throughout. The typical Bengali household at Delhi’s C.R. Park; the nosey aunt and the mystifying lanes of Kolkata vividly brought out the effort the director and crew put in casting and cinematography. Amidst all this, there are certain direct attacks on the way society functions today. While Bhoskar Banerjee believes its “low IQ” to let go of your dreams and passions after your wedding and aims at making his daughter Piku (Deepika Padukone) independent and progressive; Piku’s thoughts on his father’s ideologies and wishes appear like a bondage to her.

The brilliance of the movie is in the fact that both father and daughter find solace for their thoughts eventually (not to forget the comfort to Bhoskar Banerjee’s digestive system). And here’s where Rana Chaudhary (Irrfan), a troubled taxi service owner, who eventually had to become the taxi driver, plays the role of bringing the alternative perspectives to the father-daughter duo.

The movie strategically targets the existing mindsets and highlights the need to change them. This makes it one those coming of the age movies which showcase the changing ideas of our society. The music and background score is befitting with the light mood of the movie. The comparison of different outlooks of Bhoskar and Piku towards life and ambitions and the role of Irrfan of the chord joining those two outlooks has come out perfectly. The performance of the supporting cast has made it a treat to watch. And while you maybe expecting a  typical Bollywood movie climax, you’ll be left surprised at the end!

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Arushi Pathak

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