Top societies in DU fests season 2015: Geetanjali of Miranda House for Indian Choir

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Every year, societies from colleges across the campus compete neck to neck and put up spectacular performances during the fest season. This year too, saw certain teams shine a little brighter than the rest. We bring you a series with college societies that put their heart and soul into their respective fields and took home the top prizes at various cultural fests.

The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions at competitive events held during various cultural fests of this season. Whenever a society won the first prize they were awarded 3 points, for the second position they received 2 points and for the third position, 1 point was added to their tally.

For the Indian Classical Music (Choir) category, Geetanjali (Indian Music Society of Miranda House) scored the maximum points in the tally. Miranda House’s 13 points were followed by Daulat Ram College that scored 9 points. The third position was shared by Kamala Nehru College, Lady Shri Ram College for Women and Kirori Mal College with 5 points each.

The Winning Society at a glance Geetanjali, Miranda House Geetanjali combined both the streams of Indian Classical Music- Hindustani Music and Karnataka Music  in their composition.  Starting their composition with “RAAGA BHAIRAVI”, ‘Bhairavi’ being synonym of Goddess Durga their composition depicted women power while they dedicated the initial part of our composition to Goddess Durga. While singing the “Komal Swaras” of Raaga Bhairavi, they eventually mould their composition in a raaga of “Shudh Swaras”, i.e.  “RAAGA KEDAR” . The end to their composition was with a “TARANA” in “RAAGA BHAIRAVI” that gave an Instrumental touch to their composition.

Ananya Misra, the President of Geetanjali said, “According to me our secret of success lies in this quotation – A soft nature of a person doesn’t mean weakness. Remember, nothing is softer than water, but its force can break the strongest of rocks. Responsibility automatically comes with Authority. So the terms which brought our society to success were patience and hard work. Moreover, a society is not functioned by an individual alone. It is the collective effort of all the members which count at last.”

Performing Members:  Ananya Misra, Sowmya Gurucharan, Ritu Agarwal, Chandrika Dutta, Maanya Arora, Udita Sharma, Anjali Agarwal, Madhulika Pandey, Bhaswati Borthakur, Mansi Bhardwaj, Nidhi Gosain, Ritwija Sinha, Riya Bhattachaarya and Megha Rawoot (Sitar Player)

Winners Tally: Geetanjali (Miranda House)

13 fests were included in our analysis for this series which were Montage, Nexus, Mecca, Crossroads, Reverie, Ullas, Tarang, Shruti, Manjari, Lashkara, Rachnotsav, Surmanjari and Tempest. Out of the considered fests, 9 had conducted a competitive Indian Choir event. Here is the list of winning performances by Geetanjali (Miranda House):

I Position: Confluence 2015 (Hans Raj College), Manjari 2015 (Daulat Ram College) and Montage 2015 (Jesus and Mary College)

II Position: Surmanjari 2015 (Kirori Mal College) and Shruti 2015 (IPCW)

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