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Movie Review: Avengers- Age of Ultron

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Avengers: Age of Ultron is a Marvel Comics movie based on a team of super heroes, the Avengers, who were introduced in the movie’s prequel, The Avengers in 2012. In this edition, the Avengers must fight against Ultron, an artificial intelligence (brought into existence partially by Dr. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark from the Avengers) bent on destroying humanity in order to “save the world.” Ultron is accompanied by the Maximoff twins who have a personal vendetta against Tony Stark.


While the plot follows the typical good versus evil storyline similar to most superhero movies, this part of Avengers deals with grey shades of all the characters, even the “good guys”. In the same way, the movie also shows the blurred lines between the two sides with the Maximoffs who are against the Avengers but support world peace and order. The much debated topic of artificial intelligence plays a central role in the movie.
In terms of sub plots, the movie focuses on the conflict faced by Dr Bruce Banner and Natasha or Black Widow who talk of leaving the Avengers together. The darkest fears of the heroes are also revealed during the movie, and the viewers get to know more about their pasts and personal lives (Hawkeye’s in particular). The sequel also traces cracks within the team as the heroes clash against each other at times too. As always, Iron Man’s iconic humour comes as comic relief during intense scenes.

The fight scenes are a treat to watch though the 3D factor does not add much to the action packed movie. The face off between The Hulk and Iron Man was a highlight while the off beat powers of the Maximoff twins made the fights more interesting (though fans of X Men will not find them terribly fascinating). With amazing visual effects, a fast paced script and unexpected heroes jumping in to save the day, the final scenes between the Avengers and Ultron in the city of Sovakia will not disappoint!

The final few scenes pave the way for the two upcoming Avengers movies that have been announced; Avengers: Infinity part 1 and part 2. As is the case with all Marvel movies, don’t miss out on the short clip that’s played after the movie gets over! The plot is predictable and loopholes do exist (a major one being that Banner and Stark were unable to predict that an artificial intelligence could potentially be a threat) but the visual effects and fight scenes won’t disappoint you. I would mention that the Avengers: Age of Ultron is a must watch for all superhero fans, but you’ve all probably planned on watching this much anticipated movie anyway!

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