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India Wants Net Neutrality: The right for open internet

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Last few days have tried to bring a revolution in the Internet Industry.  Various Internet Service Providers are trying their best to violate the principle of something called as, Net Neutrality. This could change the way Internet is supposed to be used by the crowd. Here’s all what you should know regarding this issue:

What does Net Neutrality means?

Net neutrality, also known as network neutrality, says that all the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the governments should treat all data on the Internet equally. Discrimination of data should not be made based on the user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.

How can the violation of the principle of Net Neutrality affect you?

Well, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to be nudged while surfing the internet, then this action might adversely affect you. The Internet Service Providers are trying their best to snatch away your freedom which you possess right now, while surfing the internet. The surfing speed of different sites will be governed by your ISP. This means that even if you like an item on the online shopping site- Amazon, you’ll be forced to shift to (say) Flipkart, because that’ll be the only site which will open up fast enough. In this way, the internet traffic would be diverted according to the wish of the Internet Service Providers.

Also, you’ll be charged for everything that you work upon or see on the internet. It won’t matter whether you have an internet plan or not, you’ll have to pay for everything that you open up; be it a video or a social-networking site.

If the violation of Net Neutrality takes place, start-ups with deep pockets will be the only ones to survive. This will kill innovation as anyone who lacks enough funds wouldn’t dare to start up a new business”, said Anshul Gupta, founder of Fabence, an online shopping store.         .

How can you help to secure this freedom?

If you wish to continue using the internet like you do now, you’ll need to put in a little effort. Like every other issue, even this one can be solved with the help of petitions and protests. All you need to do is send an e-mail to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. If TRAI gets enough number of responses from people like you and me, there is a chance that the principle of Net Neutrality won’t be violated.

TRAI’s E-mail ID: [email protected]

Deadline: 24th April, 2015

You can also log onto to www.savetheinternet.in and send the ready-made response to TRAI.

Picture Credits: news.softpedia.com

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