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Maitreyi College conducts college union elections ’15- ’16

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Maitreyi College students witnessed an aggressively campaigned for elections this Monday. From banners and posters hanging from trees and bushes, to “take what you need” tables set up in the canteen, the candidates left no stones unturned to attract voters. Alliances were forged among candidates and collective posters went up in no time. Notice boards, canteen walls and even the college gates were decorated by large hangings bearing credentials of competing candidates.

maitreyi elections

The results were announced on the same day and are as follows:

President: Shelly Vashist

Vice President: Manisha Bhardwaj

Secretary: Akshita Dalal

Treasurer: Yogita Suhag

The Former Union President of Maitreyi College, Rajshree Sancheti, welcomed the new team and said, “I am very happy with the results, two of our experienced members have risen up, Shelly and Manisha and I hope they take our legacy forward and raise the college standards even further.” The next college union now has some pressing issues already at hand such as allotment of rooms and budget sanctions for the college cultural societies, general sanitation and availability of medical aid for the students among various other issues.

Here’s wishing the new elected College Union of Maitreyi a very lucky year ahead!


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